Relationships and sex education (RSE) is learning about the emotional, social and physical aspects of growing up, relationships, sex, human sexuality and sexual health. At Bradshaw Primary School, our curriculum includes the unit ‘Growing and Changing’ children find out about the human body, the changes that take place from birth to old age and being safe.

Our curriculum is adaptable and inclusive and the curriculum is progressive across the years with each theme being broken down into small, sequenced chunks.

A typical RSE lesson follows the following format: a review of the previous lessons learning; an introduction to new vocabulary; opportunities to discuss and debate questions and a chance to reflect on these. We teach RSE in mixed gender groups.

The Relationships Education to RSE is statutory, however, Y6 parents have the right to withdraw their child from the ‘Making Babies’ session. For more information on Relationships and Sex Education, you may wish to visit the Department for Education website here.

Please see our puberty glossary of terms, for an overview of the terminology we use. We use the correct terminology as it is important for them to know how to keep their body partly correctly as this contributes to safeguarding – helping to take care of their bodies and keep themselves safe.


Learning is assessed throughout lessons to inform planning for subsequent lessons and units of work. Regular assessment ensures pupils build on their knowledge, understanding and key skills. Teachers will assess pupils’ misconceptions and successes resulting in effective feedback and good progress. Verbal feedback will be given throughout each lesson to provide pupils with the acknowledgment of achievement or any next steps they need to take.   


At Bradshaw, we believe that RSE is an opportunity for discussion and learning life skills. Our curriculum is designed to break down concepts into small, manageable steps that are adapted to meet all needs. We have identified key stepping stones throughout the themes to ensure that pupils can achieve and make accelerated progress throughout their journey at Bradshaw.

Puberty: Glossary of terms Curriculum Overview RSE and PSHE Policy RSE Parent Letter

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