E-Learning Programme

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is meant by the Scheme/Programme? 

The scheme is an initiative to help raise children’s attainment through the use of technology. It is not limited to computing lessons but should impact all areas of the curriculum.


2. What does the Scheme/Programme involve? 

The scheme involves multiple areas of training and investment. We have been, and will continue to train staff on ways to implement technology in the classroom, as well as training on specific software. School have invested in the upgrading of our Wi-Fi network to cope with any increased demand. We will also be including a one-2-one device for each child (a Chromebook) and the relevant security and management software, as well as warranty and insurance.


3. Why does it cost so much when I can get a Chromebook for £199? 

The cost is set against the scheme (see Q2), not the device. The scheme costs school money in lots of different areas and the donation is to assist with overall costs, not simply the device cost. Having said that, the device we are testing is around £300 due to its more robust nature - which is very useful in a school environment.


4. Will the device be ours at the end? 

The scheme is what we are asking you to donate towards, however we hope to be in a position to offer the device to you at the end of the 3 years.


5. My child will not be in school for the next 3 years. Will I need to keep paying when they leave? 

The scheme is there to enhance your child’s learning during their time at Bradshaw Primary School. When they leave the payments will stop. There could be an option to purchase the device at a reduced price or simply return it to school.


6. Will they have to take which ever device is available? 

No, all children will be assigned a device to keep for the duration of the 3 years. It will be marked with a number/code and assigned to your child.


7. Will they bring them home? 

Children will be expected to take the device home and keep it charged for use in school the next day. Children will also be able to use the device to enable a wider range of homework. 


8. Is the device secure at home like it will be in school?

As part of the scheme you will be included in the school’s management software. This will allow children to log on to their school account and let them safely access school assigned software. There is still the parental responsibility of keeping track of how your child is using the device.