Pupil Leadership

At Bradshaw, we believe it is essential that we teach our children how to become responsible members of our community. We want them to respect others, look after our school, think critically and build their confidence.

This is why, across our school, every child is given an equal opportunity to take on a variety of roles and responsibilities. SEND children are supported with these roles to help them achieve their greatest potential.

Classroom Roles

In KS1 and KS2, each class has a selection of classroom roles for children to take on – these teach them to take responsibility of their own classroom. These roles include Chromebook monitor, milk monitor, line leader and finisher, Smart School Council meetings leader and typist, tidy team, reading area monitor, cloakroom monitor, eco warrior and teacher’s helper. The roles are changed on a fortnightly basis so all children get a chance at every job.

In EYFS, we aim to have these same roles in our classroom. Children in EYFS work together, with the support of an adult, to carry out these roles. We have the added roles of pencil monitor and toothbrush monitor, a role that changes daily so everyone can have a turn. Rather than a specified tidy team, we teach our children organisation skills by having them all tidy, with a small group that checks everything afterwards.

 “My favourite role to do is cloakroom monitor because sometimes people leave their bags on the floor and I like tidying up.” – Lily-Mae, year 4

“I like being in the tidy team because it makes everything in our classroom more organised.” – Millie C, year 5

Playtime Pals

Year 4 are given this important job, which requires them to look after others at playtime. They encourage fair play and check in on children that are playing on their own – if they need someone to play with, our Playtime Pals help them find someone. They aim to have every child have a happy playtime.

“I like being a Playtime Pal because you can help people. If they don’t have a lot of friends to play with, they need someone to help them and we can do that job. I really like helping people.” – Leyla, year 4

Ready Readers

To teach children respect when giving and receiving constructive feedback, as they will be expected to do throughout their lives, every child is given a Ready Reader partner. At least once a week, partners will read to each other and sign each other’s reading records, being supported by their class teacher in how to give feedback that will aid their partner to be a successful reader.

“I enjoy Ready Readers because I got to share my favourite book with my partner.” – Kit, year 4

School Ambassadors

ECO Council

Smart School Council

School Buddies