Recipe for Success

Recipe for Success


  • 315 boys and girls aged 4 – 11 (mixed bag).
  • 30 (at least) dedicated teachers and assistants.
  • 1 determined and resilient Head Teacher.
  • 1 firm and supportive layer of Managers.
  • 1 jolly team of cooks and lunchtime supervisors.
  • 2 kind and caring Administrators – well lined.
  • A generous dollop of Caretaker and Cleaning Staff.
  • Beautiful surroundings (lots and lots).
  • A large handful of practical activities.
  • Lashings of hard work and fun (equal portions).
  • A generous sprinkling of Governors, Supportive Parents and Volunteer help (don't skimp here – this ingredient is vital!)
  • Season with happiness, safety and security in equal measures.


  1. Mix children and staff thoroughly until absorbed.
  2. Gently fold in, do not be afraid to add a scoop of those children who require extra help.
  3. Carefully mix making sure not to crush in the process.
  4. Divide and ease into classes and groups, add teachers and assistants as needed.
  5. Blend and leave in a warm place to rise.
  6. Bake on top shelf (or as high as you can get) and prepare for consumption by the wider world.
  7. Serve dredged with confidence.